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St Michaels Centre Conditions of Hire

  1. Definitions:
    The term ‘St Michael's Centre' (SMC) refers to the Community Centre situated adjacent to Our Lady & St Michael's Church, Abergavenny, and includes any person authorised on behalf of SMC. ‘The Hirer' means the person or persons named in the Booking Form and includes each member of the group or organisation, or attending any event, named in the Booking Form. ‘The Premises' means any part of the land and buildings of Saint Michael's Centre.
  2. Payment:
    Payment in full is due thirty days before the event (time being of the essence) or on return of this Booking Form if within 30 days of the start of the Booking, the Company has agreed to some other arrangement. Provisional bookings can be held for up to 7 days, then they must be confirmed with the necessary fee to secure the booking. The 10% deposit is payable on confirmation.
  3. Payment of a Security Deposit:
    • for large functions, especially those during the evenings and weekends, a Security Deposit of 20% of the room hire cost, up to a maximum of £250 may be required with payment of the full amount.
    • For smaller and regular bookings a Security Deposit will not usually be required.
  4. Cancellation:
    St Michael's Centre has the right to cancel the Booking on seven days notice and the liability of SMC will be limited to the full refund of the charges. If the Hirer cancels the booking within 30 days any refund will be at the sole discretion of the Saint Michael's Centre Administrator.
  5. Refreshments:
    The Hirer shall, on making the booking inform the SMC staff of any requirements concerning the provision of refreshments, and shall be responsible for any charges thereby incurred. No alcohol shall be sold or supplied by the Hirer without permission of the SMC Administrator.
  6. Storage:
    If the Hirer is permitted to store equipment before or between sessions, it must be stored in such place and in such a manner as indicated by the SMC Administrator and only for as long as is permitted by St Michael's Centre. This may be subject to payment for a storage charge.
  7. Equipment:
    • St Michael's Centre accepts no responsibility for any stored equipment or other property brought onto or left on the premises, and all liability for loss or damage is hereby excluded. All equipment and other property (other than stored equipment) must be removed at the end of each session unless otherwise agreed; otherwise, fees will be charged for each day or part of a day at the hire fee per session until items are removed. The Hirer shall indemnify and keep SMC or its employees or agents and invitees indemnified against all claims in respect of damage or loss of property or injury to persons arising as a result of the use of the premises (including storage of equipment) by the Hirer.
    • St Michael's Centre may dispose of items brought onto or stored on the premises, by sale or otherwise, and on such terms and conditions as it thinks fit, and charge the Hirer any costs incurred in storing and disposing of such items, in any of the following circumstances:
      a) in respect of stored equipment, failure by the Hirer either to pay any storage charges due and payable or to remove equipment within seven days after the hiring.
      b) In respect of any other property brought onto the premises for the purpose of the hiring, failure by the Hirer to remove the property within seven days after the hiring.
  8. Insurance
    St Michael's Centre does not undertake to maintain any insurance save that required by law. The Hirer shall take out adequate insurance to cover the Hirer and members of the Hirer's organisation and invitees against all claims arising as a result of the hire and, on demand, shall produce the policy or other evidence of cover to the SMC Administrator. Failure to produce such policy and evidence of cover will render the hiring void and enable the Centre Administrator to re-let the premises to another

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