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St Michaels Centre Equal Opportunities Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy Statement

(Issued to comply with Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and Equal Pay Act 1975; The Disability Discrimination Act 1995; The Race Relations Act 1976)

We are an equal opportunities employer.

Except where there is a necessity to ensure that the job is done effectively and safely, there will be no discrimination on grounds of:

  • Gender
  • Religious belief
  • Being married
  • Colour or race (which is not permitted by law)
  • Disability
  • Sexual proclivity

2. This principle will apply to recruitment, training, promotion, dismissal, transfer and all other benefits, terms and conditions of employment.

3. All employees have a responsibility to apply this principle and will observe the Commission for Racial Equality Code of Practice.

To ensure that this policy is working effectively St Michael’s Centre will maintain records of employees’ (and applicants) race, gender and any disability. These records will be maintained for the purpose of the working of the Act.
4. Monitoring and analysis of these records will provide the basis for any necessary action to eliminate unlawful direct or indirect discrimination and promote equal opportunities.

5. St Michael’s Centre’s long term aim is that the composition of the workforce should reflect that of the surrounding community.
Targets will be set to ensure that groups within the community who are not represented in the workforce will be encouraged to compete for available jobs on a genuine basis of equality.

6. St Michael’s Centre management is responsible for the effectiveness of this Equal Opportunities Policy.

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