St Michaels Centre

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Environmental Policy at St Michaels Centre

St Michael’s Centre recognises that its activities impact on the environment both through its routine internal operations, its infrastructure development and through its influence and effects on the wider community.

St Michael’s Centre also acknowledges a responsibility for, and a commitment to, the protection of the environment at all levels.

It will fully comply with environmental legislation and will:

  • Promote environmental management policies and practices at every level e.g. heat efficiency , water saving (toilets/recycling)
  • Incorporate photovoltaic cells into the building’s slate roof, which generate electricity with storage facility.
  • Increase awareness of environmental responsibilities among staff and hall users
  • Minimise waste and pollution and develop and operate environmentally sound waste management procedures
  • Reduce consumption of fossil fuels and incorporate long term strategies for energy efficiency within planning and development
  • Encourage the use of modes of transport by staff and hall users which minimise environmental impact.
  • Promote a purchasing policy which will give preference, as far as practicable, to those products and services which cause least harm to the environment
  • Avoid wherever practical the use of environmentally damaging substances, materials and processes
  • Maintain the grounds, gardens and buildings of St Michael’s Centre in an environmentally sensitive way having regard to local wildlife and the preservation of biological diversity.
  • Work with other local, national and other agencies as appropriate to promote environmental policies

Progress in implementing this policy will be renewed annually by St Michael’s Community Centre Management Committee.

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